• To facilitate the fulfillment of Visualizing the dreams of higher education of the youth from economically, socially, geographically backward sections of the society and to make them socially and economically competent, self-dependent and global human resources.


  • To become an institution of social transformation by providing quality higher education to youth from socially, economically, geographically backward and disadvantaged section of the society
  • To strive for excellence in education by providing quality education in Arts, Commerce, Management, Basic Sciences & I.T. streams
  • To provide exposure to various academic and non-academic programmes.
  • To motivate the youth to pursue higher education through quality infrastructure, scholarships, amenities, mentoring, counselling and other student support activities.
  • To mould the younger generation to be compassionate to nature, committed to values of Indian culture to contribute conclusively to the welfare of mankind and to make them responsible citizens of India.
  • To provide opportunities for integral personality development of the youth and make them future leaders.
  • To create an atmosphere wherein the youth are able to cherish the diverse rural traditions and inculcate feelings of communal harmony.
  • To make the youth academically and socially competent by instilling knowledge, skills and values in order to mould them into global human resources.